Meet the Team

Meet the 2010-2011 TerpCorps team!

“I am working as a Community Partner Liaison for TerpCorps this year. I’m excited to help build on the partnerships we have with the non-profits in our area. I’m also really looking forward to working with the TerpCorps interns to give students more opportunities in service- learning!”

– Jessica is a double major in Psychology and Economics with a focus in Pre-Law.

“Because First-Year Service Initiative is in the early stages of development, we are exploring different strategies for getting freshmen involved and excited about service-learning.  Along with looking at the opportunities already offered at our university, we are also examining how other universities around the country give freshmen the chance to become involved and educated members of their communities. We are very excited about getting to know this year’s freshmen class and can’t wait to integrate freshmen students into our service-learning programs!”

– Kylee is a sophomore with an interest in finance, and Dee is a junior Communications major and French minor

“This year we hope to re-set the standards for M-PACT by providing the leaders of service organizations across campus the opportunity to better hone both their service and leadership skills.  By providing an environment where these leaders can share their own successes and failures, in addition to hearing from seasoned professionals, we intend everyone to leave with a stronger approach to better serving the community they care so much about!  Planning is currently underway and the date is set for October 23rd!”

– Shannon is a senior marketing and international business double major from Northern California, and is excited to help set the standards for TerpCorps in her final year at UMD.

– Xavier is…

“Through the Social Justice Initiative arm of TerpCorps, Sahar and I hope to open the eyes of the student body to a few important issues currently facing our society while hopefully sparking their involvement to become a part of something larger than themselves in the process.”

– Jared is a a senior Government and Politics major who likes baseball and spicy food

– Sahar is…

“Nilesh and I successfully organized and completed our first Terp Service Day, which involved cleaning up an elementary school in DC as part of DCPS’ Beautification Day.  We are currently beginning the prep work for our Terp Service Days in October and November.”

– Patrick is a Senior Government & Politics major who hopes to one day not have to think about what’s he’s going to do one day.

– Nilesh Kadadawar is…

Terp Service Weekend is an annual two-day event that provides students and alumni an opportunity to give back to their communities. Students can choose from a variety of service sites so they can choose the project that is most interesting to them. Last year nearly 400 students and alumni volunteered, and this year we hope to further increase our number of participants.”

– Eric is a sophomore computer science major, and Ruth is a sophomore psychology major


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